$20/year Membership BlackTown Mosque Islamic Association


  1. 5 days Quran classes for children to teach them Quran and make them aware of the true concept of Islam
  2. Imam Consultation
  3. Community Services
  4. We organize Quran khuwani/Dua gathering free of cost
  5. 5+ Annual free programs with free dinner
  6. Every Friday Dars e Quran
  7. Hifz for children. Timing: 5am to7 am, 5pm to 7pm
  8. Marriage Celebrant to perform legal civil marriages in a dignified and culturally acceptable manner.
  9. Justice of Peace services for the community and often witness documents like statutory declarations, affidavits and land title documents.
  10. Counseling for Domestic violence, we offer victims and their families the chances they need and deserve to receive the tools to overcome crisis.
  11. Quran Memorize Classes (Classes for Elders) 7pm to 9pm every Thursday.
  12. Organize Namaz Taraweeh in the month of Ramadan.
  13. We provide full service support to funerals.

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