How You Can Help

Please, we need your help. Every donation you make counts towards our goal of purchasing the first permanent place of worship in Blacktown City, and it will relieve the stresses and hardships many of our brothers and sisters go through on a daily basis. Once a suitable premises is found and we have reached the required amount, we will make the purchase InshaAllah.

Direct Transfer
Donate generously. Any amount which you are able to contribute will help our cause and may Allah accept it from you. You can either donate lump sum or set up a direct monthly transfer until you reach your donation goal.

Commonwealth Bank
Account name: Blacktown Islamic
BSB: 062121
Account No.: 10779347

Pass this information on to others.

You can help by telling others within your own communities about our situation and encourage others to donate. Sydney city is a place where Muslims locally, interstate and internationally frequently visit.

Pledge a long term loan ?

You can also pledge a long term interest free loan to assist our cause. Please contact us for more details.

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